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I had an appointment at NuEar Hearing Center on Romeo Plank. When I entered the office, my first impression was how nice office was and also how friendly the receptionist was in greeting me and answering any questions I had. She offered me a drink while I wait, & by the time she made me a cup of coffee i was escorted to a room to wait for the Doctor. They had me watch a very informative video, that helped me understand hearing loss and what could lead to it and also steps to help with it in my day to day life. When the Doctor, Nicole Rinehart, came in she was also very nice and friendly. Very knowledgeable on the subject and got right into how they could help me and ways to improve my hearing. I would highly recommend this office to anyone asking for a hearing specialist in the future. Thank you for all of your help.
Dave Sheprak, on Google
Nicole is really fantastic. The level of care provided is paramount. It really does make you feel better knowing a loved one is in good hands with a true professional. I would drive out of my way to visit Nu Ear and Nicole.
Shoshanna Shyna, on Google
Nicole at NuEar is very passionate about what she does and takes the time to talk to all of her customers. I will definitely be recommending NuEar to any friends or family members of mine
Dominic DiPilla, on Google
Met Nicole through a business event and heard so many amazing testimonials from people that say they benefited from working with her to resolve their hearing concerns. A true professional sometimes can't take care of someone that they look to for help, case in point, a client came in complaining that everything was too loud and Nicole did a thorough exam and found a suspicious issue in one of their ears and recommended that they seek a doctors opinion. Her suspicions were correct and the client found out they had a tumor in their hearing canal that if it had gone undiagnosed the outcome could have been total hear loss or worse. It's all about quality of life improvement and not enhancing the bottom line. Please give NuEar the opportunity to improve you or a loved ones quality of life.
Gerard G, on Google
This place is ALL SORTS of wonderful! I haven't been able to have a conversation in a restaurant or bar for at least 20 years, because I couldn't understand anyone else's speech. My most common comment was "Sorry, what did you say, I missed it?" Jenna at the front desk set me up with an appointment, and Nicole, the audiologist, tested my hearing, then set me up with hearing aids, and WOW, what a difference! I'm able to participate again, and laugh at jokes because I HEAR them, not just because everyone else is laughing, and I've stopped reading lips for clues on what's being said. Everyone I've encountered at NuEar - Macomb is friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. But most of all, they really care about helping people, and frankly, it shows!
Chuck Simmons, on Google

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